Initially, I signed up for this event for Mister 2 aka Bon Cray as a shakedown/baseline run with very basic things done to it and all-out fun to meet MR2 enthusiasts and to experience snap-oversteer life/RWD life.

I’ve never properly driven an FR car let alone an MR car, I’ve only driven FWD my entire life I was ready for the challenge. The goal was to beat my Echo’s best time of 1:18 at Wakefield, which should be easy right?

Bon Cray was having none of it. He decided to chuck a fit and refused to drive unless he got a new heart transplant and threw a rod in his 4AGE a couple of weeks before the event. Thanks, buddy I knew I could count on you, saved me an entry fee.

Feeling gutted, Peter from MR2 Australia suggested I go in the Echo, John Moe. However, I wasn’t ready for another run again so soon after Nugget Nationals even though it was wet and I didn’t get a proper run for my challenge (Road to 1:17). I decided instead to participate the event as a photographer.

Upon pulling out my camera Sharon from MR2 Australia offers me media credentials and vest saying, “You look like a professional grab this”. I could walk anywhere around in the park except the hot track, this includes the marshalling posts/bunkers in the track. I decided not to because the forecast said it was gonna be hot and I was ill-equipped for the heat and didn’t want to be stuck there for a long period of time till track activity ceased.

I’m a professional photographer now. Jokes!

Roaming around the place it was great to talk to members of the MR2 Australia community and getting a peak of what they’ve done to their cars because there aren’t many MR2’s in the wild, I’ve rarely see MR2’s pop up and I’ve never seen more than 2 together in the wild let alone a whole bunch gathered up.

That’s the great thing about the MR2 community here, it may be small but it is a strong small community I’m glad to stumble upon them. If you wonder what’s the order of MR2s of the 3 generations from favourite to least favourite it’ll be: (I love them all, so hard to decide between 1st and 2nd).

  1. AW11 (80’s space cheese wedge, Over-Rev!, Group B 222D)
  2. ZZW30 (SuperGT GT300 cars, TechnoPro Spirit MR-S, Best handling & lightest of the 3)
  3. SW20 (JGTC, 2000GT MR2, SARD MC8-R Le Mans)

(Reason in brackets)

I also highly recommend watching Regular Car Reviews on these cars. He was absolutely spot on with the AW11.

I’m not gonna ramble on I’ll let the photos do the talking. Here are my favourite shots over the course of the day.

Check out the rest of the gallery below. Hopefully, Bon Cray will be ready for the 2018 event and thanks for the MR2 Australia for hosting the event and glad you guys loved and used my photos.

MR2 Australia – Facebook

MR2 Australia Trackday Challenge – Facebook  & MR2 Wakefield Park Challenge

2017 MR2 Australia Trackday Challenge – Day 1 – Imgur Gallery