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About Me

Hello there!

My name is Blandon (not a typo) and I live Sydney, Australia. For the people curious how to pronounce my username it is pronounced ‘psy-cho guy’ (sai-kou) as in that guy is psycho but it also has another meaning in Japanese, ‘best’ – guy but the name can be interpreted as just; ‘psycho guy’, ‘best guy’ or even ‘best psycho guy’ . I’ve had it since I first started playing video games inspired from a vehicle called the Saikou (which was a Supra) from the game Midnight Club 2.

“最高  – (saikou) The Best”

My interest in cars pretty much started when I was kid being surrounded by motorsports on TV and parents owning cool cars such as Pontiac Trans-am Firebird.

I studied IT majoring networking at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and enjoy many outdoor activities such as go-karting, paintballing, etc also an avid gamer especially in FPSes & Racing.

Deeply inspired by Jalopnik, SpeedHunters, MightyCarMods, /Drive & other blogs I to decided to start on a webpage/blog to create content and share it to people I know and to those curious people out there about the interesting and exciting things that I think I do or come across. It will be mainly oriented around motorsports, projects, my hobbies (paintball, racing, photography, etc to name a few) and a bit on myself but keep watch for random stuff!

If there’s any question or you want a quick chat send me a email or comment below on any of the pages!

– Blandon



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