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Toyota Echo NCP10R – Sir John Moe

Photo Credit: Windsor.S - Toyota Echo NCP10R @ SMSP South Circuit

Status: Alive and kicking


This project all started as my parents didn’t want to buy me a car especially a car I wanted at the time when I was 18, a Nissan S13 or Porsche 944. Which I can understand why because as a parent you don’t your kid especially when hormones are running rampant to:

  • Become at hoon
  • Drive dangerously and get killed
  • Get invested in a car,  wasting money and not studying

I was given this car as a hand me down for FREE from my uncle who moved interstate to start a business and left the car behind. I decided to modify the car out of spite.

If I can’t get the car I want. I’ll make into a car I want!

That soon got me into the 2nd part of the project as time went on after getting involved in motorsports and modifying the car.

The project was to get rid of the stigma motorsport being expensive and the idea of only certain cars/platforms are meant to at the track/modified/enjoyed. How else would you know if a platform is good or not if nobody tries it? Why are certain cars frowned upon?

Why is it if they have one make series all over the world e.g Micra Cup, Vitz Cup, Mini Cup, Swift Cup, etc (I could go on forever) and a culture for these types of cars except here in Australia.

It’s this toxic mindset in the car community especially in Australia which limits the variety of cars both in motorsports and car culture, it kills the grassroots & car ownership aspects.


(Updated: 03/03/2018)


  • Stock 2NZ-FE, 1.3L
  • Works Engineering Lightweight Pulley Toyota Vios 1.5 ’03-’06 (Pro Balancing) (W-CP-TV)
  • TRD Quick Shift Lever Set (33530-NP 100)
  • HyperSport Short Shifter Adaptor (HS-0001)


  • BC Racing BR Type RA Series Coilovers (C-08-RA) with Swift Springs F:8kg/R:7kg
  • Progress 03-06 SCION XA/XB Rear Swaybar (62.2170)
  • SuperPro Offset Caster Bushes (SPF2798K)
  • Energy Suspension – Front Sway Bar Poly Bushing (8.5130G), Front Lower Control Arm Bushing (8.3123G)



  • HEL Stainless Steel Lines (TOY-4-112)
  • MR2 Spyder/MR-S Front Brakes (255mm Rotors & Caliper)
  • Endless CC-RG Brake Pads (EP382) [+]
  • Project Mu Sports Rear Shoe (S117) [+]


  • Daily

OZ Racing Crono EVO 15×6.5 +40, Hankook Ventus V2 concept 2 (H457) 195/50/15

  • Track

OZ Racing Routes 15×7 +35, Hankook RS3 (Z222) 195/50/15

WedsSport TC-005 15×6.5 +43, Kumho V720 195/50/15


  • Sparco Sprint Junior Blue with Cushions (01023AZ, 01022AZ) with BRIDE MO Driver Rail (T001MO)
  • Sparco R345 Leather Steering Wheel (R345) with HKB Sports Boss Kit (OT-250)
  • Sparco 4 Point Harness Snap-in (04604BMNR)
  • CUSCO Spin Turn Knob (00B 014 AA)
  • Pokémon Gear Knob

Current Lap PB’s

Youtube – Onboard PB’s Playlist

TracktrackIcon Fastest LapImage result for stopwatch icon DateImage result for calendar png

TyreImage result for tyre icon png


0:51.5240  19/02/2017 Hankook RS3

Marulan Hillclimb

0:41.9394youtube1600 19/02/2017 Hankook RS3
SMSP – Amaroo/South Circuit 1:09.0160youtube1600 13/05/2017

Federal 595 RS-RR

SMSP – Druitt/North Circuit 1:26.7140

Kumho ECSTA V720

Wakefield Park Raceway

1:18.4430youtube1600 07/09/2016

Federal 595 RS-RR

Winton Motor Raceway 1:49.6070youtube1600 26/03/2017

Hankook RS3

SDMA Hillclimb 55.40youtube1600 13/08/2017

Hankook Ventus V2 (H437)

Change Log/Build Log -WIP-


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